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VA Fiduciary Services


Welcome to VA Fiduciary Services


GFS provides Federal Fiduciary Services under VA Pension and Fiduciary Services. GFS provides financial management services for individuals identified by the Department of Veterans Affairs as needing help managing their VA benefits who do not have a capable or willing family member or friend.

Once we are authorized by the VA to become a client’s Fiduciary, the VA will send the client’s benefits to us to manage on the client’s behalf. The client’s VA benefit(s) will be used to address needs in the following order:

1. Basic needs (i.e. food, shelter and clothing);

2. Medical and dental needs not covered by health insurance;

3. Personal needs such as medication co-pays, and recreational activities.

Note: Payments are limited to available funds.



Getting Started

If you or someone you know is in need of our services, please contact your VA Field Examiner.